Crème de la Crème


“Creme de la Creme vendi ku mund ti shijoni mbrëmjen tuaj me kokteje, të cilat përpos që janë të shijshme, janë edhe artistike dhe që shoqërohen çdo herë me muzikë të përzgjedhur dhe të veçantë, dhe me një atmosferë përplot gjallëri.” –

“Crème is probably the best all-round bar in the city. It’s run for the amusement of the young, arty owners and not for profit, which explains the more-than-generous pricing arrangements, especially for the perfectly executed cocktails. Its five tiny floors heave on Fridays and Sundays with Pristina’s cool to the variety of beats.” – INYOURPOCKET

“The crème de la crème craze can be attributed to the owners’ carefree attitude towards their business venture. They admit that their primary motive for running the bar is to have a place to drink for themselves, their friends, and then the rest of us. And the bar isn’t their main source of earnings, as they all have busy day jobs. But don’t let their laidback nature turn you off. It helps to create a super-relaxed atmosphere, much like being over at someone’s place.” – PRISHTINA INSIGHT

“But tonight I plan to visit Crème de la Crème, a well-known hangout of the city’s more cosmopolitan youth.” – Daniel Serwer

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